Christian Site Gasps In Horror After Walmart Gets 100% Score In Human Rights Campaign Equality Index

From the oh-so-very anti-LGBT LifeSiteNews:

For the first time ever, Walmart has scored a “perfect” 100 percent ranking on a leading homosexual lobby group’s “corporate scorecard,” meaning that to keep its score the retail giant will now cover transsexual employees’ “sex reassignment surgeries” as part of its healthcare coverage.

The decidedly anti-social-conservative “Corporate Equality Index” (CEI) is produced by Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the world’s largest homosexual-bisexual-transgender lobby organization. Companies are ranked by whether or not they adopt pro-LGBTQ workplace and giving policies. From year to year, HRC usually makes the criteria more stringent, thus driving corporations to adopt ever-more radical pro-LGBTQ internal policies and commitments to maintain their “perfect” scores.

Walmart’s new 100 percent score (up from 90 percent on last year’s scorecard) marks its steadily growing embrace of LGBTQ advocacy at the expense of its wholesome, pro-family image. In recent years, the corporation has begun funding “gay pride” parades, in which lewd behavior is paraded in front of children, and homosexual activist groups like the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

Meanwhile, Walmart announced that it has settled a class-action lawsuit with another homosexual lobby group to pay past compensation to its homosexual employees who had become same-sex “married” between 2011 and 2013 but were denied family health benefits.

Walmart also has a 100% score from the American Family Association, which now seems to enrage LifeSiteNews almost as much as the HRC rating. See the dozens of companies with a 100% rating at the link above or via the HRC’s more extensive PDF. (Tipped by JMG reader Scott)

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