Anti-Gay Site Founded By Alleged Ex-Gay Man Attacks “Morally Failing” Malta For Banning Ex-Gay Torture

Earlier this year Michael Voris, the virulently anti-gay and comically bewigged Catholic activist behind the website Church Militant, confessed that he had once led a “sexually sinful life of live-in relationships with homosexual men.” Today Voris’ site denounces Malta, which last week banned ex-gay torture. From their article:

Although Malta has a 90-plus percent Catholic population and is a Catholic republic that gives Catholicism official recognition as the country’s “apostolic religion,” nevertheless, it’s the first and only European nation to criminalize gay conversion therapy for adults who seek it. But Malta was the last European country to legalize divorce, which occurred in 2011 by popular referendum. Malta has been on a rapid decline ever since.

Last year the criminal code went through reform allowing for the emergence of porn shops. At that time Malta’s justice minister, Owen Bonnici, declared, “We need to recognize that morality changes over time — it is not a static thing, and legislation needs to acknowledge this.” He added, “The State cannot play moral custodian.” In October the morally failing country legalized the sale of over-the-counter morning-after pills used to cause abortions.

The Church in Malta put up resistance to the current legislation that bans gay conversion therapy. In February, the Church published a position paper that warned of the dangers of passing such legislation. The position paper noted the conversion therapy ban was being presented as if it’s “seeking to protect a category of people who may find it hard and painful to come to terms with their condition.” It went on to emphasize that the bill really limits patients who seek help.