Alex Jones: “Candybutt” Glenn Beck Is Secretly Gay

Via Mediaite:

Conspiracy radio host Alex Jones hit back at The Blaze’s Glenn Beck the day after Beck labeled him a “madman,” accusing-but-not-accusing Beck of being gay. “Why is Glenn Beck out to get me, why is he always attacking me, starting like ten years ago?” Jones asked rhetorically.

Jones said that he knew and met Beck back in the day. “Glenn Beck would put on makeup, he’d, like, candybutt around,” he said, waving his arms in an exaggerated gay fashion. (“Candybutt” is presumably a censored version of “candyass,” slang for a gay man).

“I’m not against gay people, and I’m not saying he’s gay,” he continued. “But let me just tell ya, the guy is super feminine, super nelly. Of course, I know nelly guys who get more women than Errol Flynn, and will beat your ass too.”

I tried to find the clip for this but Jones’ videos are like four hours long and I value my sanity.