Actor Tom Arnold: Trump’s Team Is Threatening To Sue Me If I Release Tape Of Him Saying The N-Word

CBS News reports:

Tom Arnold seems to be rethinking his pledge to keep the racist Donald Trump tape from “The Apprentice” under wraps. What changed his mind? According to the “True Lies” star, his home received a voicemail from the president-elect’s team threatening a defamation lawsuit over his claims in an interview that he has seen the rumored tape of outtakes from “The Apprentice” that features Trump using racist and derogatory language.

“Wife told me there’s house line VM from Trump Camp about defamation suit so it’s on,” Arnold tweeted late Tuesday night. “Open Apprentice vaults 4 discovery! Miss Universe too!!” Just an hour earlier, Arnold had still been battling with fans critical of his decision to keep the tape under wraps to keep his friends who worked on the show safe.

According to Arnold he also has a tape of Trump calling his own son a “retard.”