Trump Advisor Melts Down Over KKK Questions [VIDEO]

Via Politico:

Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a regular surrogate for Donald Trump, became agitated on Wednesday morning after being peppered with direct questions about whether Trump’s campaign boosts Vladimir Putin and white supremacists.

“How many times does Donald Trump have to say he’s debunked that organization?” he asked, referring to the KKK, as he cut off MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle before she fully asked the question. “Why do you bring this up? That demeans your — you, you’re a good journalist. By even raising that issue, after…“

After a verbal tussle, Ruhle managed to ask whether the “nationalist views” and the “tone set” by some Trump supporters is dangerous. “I don’t know why you’re wasting your time. Here’s what I know. What I know is that the American people are very smart and the American people are very sick of the establishment in Washington, D.C.,” Flynn said.

Ruhle asked Flynn to describe Putin twice in the interview. He did not do so, and instead argued that the current U.S. administration made a deal with Russia “to give the leading state sponsor of terrorism, meaning Iran, a nuclear weapon.” When Flynn was asked if he respected Putin, he said, “I mean, stop it with that kind of stuff.”