Tony Perkins: Mitt Romney Won’t Stop The Terrorism Spawned By Hillary Clinton’s Support For LGBT Rights

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

For the last eight years the Obama State Department has been focused on pushing sexual orientation and gender identity rather than upholding core American ideals. The result is a world where few regions are not in turmoil, the threat of radical Islam is ever-expanding, the loss of religious freedom continues, and America is weakened on the world stage.

The Obama administration has been spending its energy bullying African nations on LGBT issues instead of working with those countries to advance American interests. The Obama State Department under Secretary Clinton was so obsessed with social activism that it entirely neglected to keep America safe by naming and dealing with the real threat we face: radical Islamic terrorism.

The foreign policy priorities of the Obama administration over the past eight years have been so misguided, so destructive, and so ineffective in tackling the actual issues we face that America is now in a gravely weakened and dangerous position. America’s precarious state of affairs does not just require a small course correction, but a radical break from the status quo. The mandate given to the Trump administration by the voters demands a foreign policy which does this much, and we must have a Secretary of State who embodies this approach.

There are a number of candidates that can accomplish this mission, but unfortunately, Mitt Romney is not one of them. While I like Mitt Romney and supported him after he became the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, there is nothing to suggest he will be a change agent at State. In fact, Governor Romney is the one candidate most likely to be the carrier of the Republican Establishment into the State Department, which would set up an ongoing conflict between the stated foreign policy goals of President-elect Trump and the actual agency that is tasked with pursuing his goals and objectives.