Nazi Sites And White Supremacists Celebrate Donald Trump’s Hiring Of Breitbart Chairman Steve Bannon

From the editor of the Nazi site Daily Stormer:

I probably would have preferred Bannon as chief-of-staff and Priebus as press secretary. But apparently Trump views Reince as a Washington insider who also loyal to him and can be a go-between between the administration and the old GOP establishment. And I think he knows what he’s doing here. He’s surrounded himself with the right people this entire election, so there’s no reason to believe he’ll stop doing that now.

To his credit, Reince has been loyal to Trump since he got the nomination. And at least for the first two years, he is going to have to work with a lot of these cucks who hate his guts. So a go-between is absolutely necessary. The kike media, which is now portraying Trump as a cuck who is going back on everything – even though he has gone back on nothing – is saying he’s planning to fill his administration with “insiders.”

However, given the current state of politics, everyone in the government is an “insider,” except for Jeff Sessions. And he can’t bring in only people will no previous political experience. So he is bringing in the same “insiders” who have been supporting him for a year now. We’re going to see Christie, Giuliani, Gingrich, etc. People who were in early on, who Trump trusts. I think he should make Sean Hannity press secretary though.

From the Nazi site InfoStormer:

Look for Bannon to wield great power and sway in this new Government of the People, and let us hope that his stances on the migrant invasion, Moslem filth, and Black subhuman crime rises above the beta compromise attitude of Mr. Priebus. My guess is that we are seeing the results of a brilliant chess move by Glorious Leader, which will keep mainstream Establishment cucks sated, while the real work and strategy continues behind the scenes through Mr. Bannon, who is far closer to our views than the average Republican you will see on the tubes. Pure awesomeness.

Via Media Matters, below are the reactions of other well-known white supremacist leaders and groups.