Roger Stone: Trump Is More Likely To Prosecute Hillary Due To Her Campaign’s Support For The Recount

The Hill reports:

A longtime ally of President-elect Donald Trump says the Clinton campaign joining recount efforts increases the chances of Hillary Clinton facing criminal prosecution. “I think Hillary increases her chances of prosecution by acting this way,” Roger Stone said Monday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

Marc Elias, the Clinton campaign’s general counsel, announced this weekend that the Clinton team’s analysts would take part in Green Party recount efforts, despite having found little evidence of election sabotage.

Stone then charged that Clinton or Democratic megadonor George Soros is funding Stein’s recount efforts, without providing evidence for his claims. “We have to presume this is Soros money or otherwise Hillary money,” he said without further clarification.

Trump frequently pledged to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton for wrongdoing during his Oval Office bid. The billionaire has since dialed down his rhetoric, however, insisting earlier this month, for example, he would rather not “hurt” the former secretary of State.

Two weeks before the election Stone declared that if he is found dead, Hillary had him killed. Stone has been banned from CNN and MSNBC for racist tweets and for tweeting calls for the executions of Hillary, Bernie Sanders, and others.