Right Wing New York Post Warns Donald Trump Against “Milking The Presidency” To Benefit His Businesses

From the editorial board of the New York Post:

Of all the issues facing the president-elect and his brain trust, the question of how to avoid conflicts of interest with his global business may be the thorniest. It’s already raising real questions — over diplomats who opted to stay at a Trump hotel to maybe score points, and the Indian business partners who visited with the prez-elect last week, even as he’s charting out strategy, policies and personnel for his administration.

And while some federal ethics laws don’t apply to the president, some prohibitions are in the Constitution itself. More important: Even the appearance of monetizing the presidency as another Trump brand would be outrageous.

Nor is it only the White House that will need to take care: Trump Organization execs can’t be seen to be milking the presidency in any way, either. Last week, our colleagues at The Wall Street Journal suggested the best way to deal with it all is simply to sell the company. That could be tough on the Trump family: a fire sale could cost them billions.

Maybe the president-elect was on the right track when he promised to put his interests in a “blind trust” — but one run by his children won’t pass the sniff test. After all, if the election had gone the other way, we’d right now be furiously denouncing the idea of letting Chelsea run the Clinton Foundation.