NORTH CAROLINA: Homocon GOP Commissioner Pens Op-Ed In Support Of Re-Electing Gov. Pat McCrory

Some of you might remember back in 2004 when Mike Rogers outed then-RNC National Field Director Dan Gurley for seeking “bareback sex with multiple partners” in a chat room while reportedly overseeing George W. Bush’s abstinence and anti-gay marriage crusades. Gurley later appeared in Kirby Dick’s award-winning 2009 documentary on outing, Outrage. These days Gurley sits on the North Carolina Ports Authority Commission and is reportedly the first (now) openly gay Republican ever appointed to such a post in his state.

Which brings us to today’s op-ed for the North State Journal. An excerpt:

Let me be clear, I support the re-election of Gov. Pat McCrory, without hesitation. I know there are those who question my support. Fairly. After all, why would an out gay man — even one with a history of GOP activism and employment — support the man who signed House Bill 2?

Make no mistake, I think H.B. 2 is an egregious piece of legislation. It is lawmaking at its worst. I would have counseled against signing. Even now, I struggle to explain his defense of that signature. But, the signing of one piece of bad legislation does not dictate abandoning the candidacy of someone who has real accomplishments. Hanging the blame on Governor McCrory alone is patently unfair – there’s plenty to share.

During the last month Gov. Pat McCrory has shined his absolute brightest since taking office. He has done so by providing real leadership before, during, and after Hurricane Matthew. That’s the Pat I know. That’s the Pat I’ve been waiting to see. And, that’s the Pat McCrory I voted for in 2008, in 2012, and who I voted for two weeks ago in early voting. That’s my governor, and I stand with him with pride.

On his Facebook page, today Gurley is mocking the “Obama hugging Loony Left.”