New York Daily News Pleads With America In Final Message: Bar The White House Door To The Grifter

From the editorial board of the New York Daily News:

Fearing for the fate of the republic as never before in an election, the Daily News Editorial Board fervently hopes that reason conquers passion among those who, in their loathing of Clinton, are prepared to hand the nation to the most outrageously successful con man in presidential history.

Trump is a master salesman and nothing more.Flaws and all, Clinton is the real deal with real ideas for leading the nation at home and abroad to a brighter future. Her campaign is the logical culmination of a life’s work.

Meanwhile, Trump has spun the fantasies that he is both a man of wonder and the giver of all wonderful things.

Please, America, think of all the Presidents from Washington through Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Truman, Reagan, Bush, Bush and Obama. They led based on what they believed, not solely on who they were. Not a single one ran a con, let alone the destructive con of a demagogue.

Please, America, bar the White House door to the grifter.