Nazi Site Cheers Trump’s “Jew-S-A” Fan: Kellyanne Conway’s Denouncement Was Tongue-In-Cheek

From the Daily Stormer:

Wow, this guy is fantastic. The entire lying kike-run media was flipping out about being identified as lying kikes. They are screaming about it all over the place. But even normie Trump supporters (if there even is such a thing at this point…!) are just “hey, well – I guess yall might wanna go be lying kikes in Israel instead of getting all up in our business, huh? That would solve the problem, no?” And okay, yes. Kellyanne Conway said he was a “deplorable.” But she is the damage control figure in the campaign. And also, “deplorable” is now a compliment, like shitlord. So it’s clearly tongue-in-cheek. Everyone hates the Jews. It is glorious.