Linda Harvey: Vote Donald Trump And Lock Up Hillary Clinton To Protect Children From “Sexual Weirdness”

“Are you fed up with sexual weirdness and anti-Christian bigotry being packaged and sold to our children as ‘inclusion’ and ‘civil rights’? Especially when it’s done in the name of ‘preventing bullying’? Well, if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she has a plan to take deceptive propaganda to the next level. And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, according to Hillary’s cronies. Clinton recently unveiled a $500 million plan for more federally directed anti-bullying programs in schools, under yet another “safe schools” effort. States will receive grants and matching funds if they comply with the requirements. And those requirements include the cherished wish lists of homosexual lobbyists.

“In other words, Hillary will use a ‘civil rights’ excuse to continue the strong-arm tactics of Obama, forcing gender deviance on local schools or withholding funding. The sordid reality of Hillary’s plan is more sweeping indoctrination to firmly plant homosexuality and gender confusion as fully accepted behaviors even among grade school children. Most American parents will shout a great big ‘NO’ to such institutional child abuse. This is what a Hillary presidency will spend its time on. There’s an easy solution, however. Elect a more conservative candidate – Donald Trump. And then lock Hillary up.” – Hate group leader Linda Harvey, writing for BarbWire.