Jeb Bush Praises Anti-Gay Activist Betsy DeVos As The “Outstanding Champion Of The Rights Of All Parents”

“Betsy DeVos is an outstanding pick for Secretary of Education. She has a long and distinguished history championing the right of all parents to choose schools that best ensure their children’s success. Her allegiance is to families, particularly those struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder, not to an outdated public education model that has failed them from one generation to the next. I cannot think of more effective and passionate change agent to press for a new education vision, one in which students, rather than adults and bureaucracies, become the priority in our nation’s classrooms. I congratulate Betsy and look forward to her bold leadership at the U.S. Department of Education.” – Jeb Bush, posting to his Facebook page.

DeVos and Bush both serve on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which was founded by … Jeb Bush.