Hillary’s Popular Vote Lead Passes Two Million

The New York Daily News reports:

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote over President-elect Donald Trump has surpassed 2 million votes. As of Wednesday morning, Clinton had received 64,223,958 votes, while Trump received 62,206,395 votes — a difference of 2,017,563, according to the Cook Political Report.

Despite trailing in the popular vote, Trump won the White House with 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. Clinton is just the fifth presidential nominee in U.S. history to win the popular vote but lose in the Electoral College.

The widening margin of her win in the popular vote has prompted a burgeoning movement around the country to persuade members of the Electoral College to deny the presidency to the clear winner on Election Day. Activists have circulated online petitions urging Republican electors to vote for someone other than Trump, denying him the 270 Electoral College votes he needs to become the next president.