Frothy Mix Screams At John Kasich For Breaking His Pledge To Support The Republican Nominee [VIDEO]

Via Raw Story:

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Tuesday called into question the “character” of John Kasich after the Republican governor of Ohio followed through with his promise not to vote for Donald Trump. While speaking to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, the socially conservative senator explained that he was supporting Trump even though he did not agree with some of the candidate’s words and actions.

“No, I’m not comfortable with some of the things that he says and some of the things that he’s done,” the culture warrior admitted. “Look, I find it disgusting and [I’m] not going to do anything publicly or otherwise to make excuses for it.” When the subject turned to Republicans who refused to vote for Trump, Santorum became irate.

“I’m not happy John Kasich or Paul Ryan and the way they’re conducting themselves, particularly John Kasich,” he remarked. “I want to say to John Kasich, if you’re watching, John you signed a pledge! You signed a pledge saying you would support the Republican nominee for president. You signed a pledge in order to get on the ballot in South Carolina!