Don Lemon Shoots Down Whining Trump Surrogate: Mike Pence Does NOT Love Gay People [VIDEO]

Via Raw Story:

The booing of Vice President-elect Mike Pence at a Friday night performance of the hit Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ immediately became talk show fodder the same evening, with CNN host Don Lemon patiently explaining to an agitated Kayleigh McEnany the animus gay people feel towards the former Indiana governor.

After panelist Angela Rye reminded McEnany that the show’s new lead is an openly HIV-positive gay man, the Trump advocate attacked the “Hollywood elite, the media elite, the political elite” that she feels have disrespected President-elect Donald Trump.

“Can you imagine how that feels when Mike Pence, who has rallied and railed against gay people, and tried to shoot down and block gay legislation?” Lemon said before addressing the plea made to Pence “He’s saying, ‘I’m giving you a chance to give me a chance.’”

“Mike Pence loves all people and President-elect Donald Trump has already said he’s not going to roll back legislation…” McEnany interrupted, leading Lemon to bluntly reply, “Mike Pence does not love gay people.”