CHICAGO: Drunk Trump Fan Ejected From Hamilton After Screaming “We Won! You Lost! Fuck You!”

Broadway World reports:

Broadway World has learned that a Trump supporter interrupted the Saturday evening performance of Hamilton in Chicago. An audience member seated in the balcony allegedly shouted “We won! You lost! Get over it! F*ck you!” during the number “Dear Theodosia.”

One Twitter user who attended the show alleges that the audience member also shouted profanities and had an altercation with security before being removed from the auditorium. One Facebook user wrote “At the end, the performers were crying… so was I. They didn’t break characters once. They still sang their hearts out.”

An audience member has exclusively confirmed to Broadway World that the initial disturbance began after the audience member was enraged by the line “immigrants, we get the job done.” The majority of the audience cheered that specific line.

Audience members exited the auditorium to retrieve venue staff to remove the disruptive audience member. Our source confirmed that the altercation lasted for at least two numbers and that there was a struggle with security but “he didn’t throw punches.” The audience member also informed us that venue staff later said the audience member had been intoxicated.

Multiple audience members reported the incident on social media but homocon blogger Jim Hoft says they’re all liars.

If you perform a quick online search at Stubhub you find balcony tickets for Hamilton in Chicago are going for over $200 a piece. We are supposed to believe a TRUMP supporter spent that kind of money only to stand up and start screaming at the cast? Sorry. Once again, I am not buying it. With all of the fake hate incidents being reported by the left you have to question these reports by the corrupt media. It is more likely a Chicago bird-dogger was behind the stunt than a Trump supporter.