Catholic Anti-LGBT Group Laments United Nations Vote To Keep Global LGBT Rights Watchdog Position

C-FAM, the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, is very unhappy over Tuesday’s vote at the United Nations. Via press release:

Under extreme pressure from the rich donor countries, the UN Third Committee voted to uphold a Human Rights Council decision to establish a global homosexual czar with the mandate to travel the world and generally be a busybody on all-things gay.

“No nation should have dominance over cultural norms,” said the ambassador of Botswana on behalf of African states sponsoring a resolution to suspend a June UN Human Rights Council decision that established a UN independent expert for LGBT rights, the first ever UN mandate on the topic of “sexual orientation and gender identity.”

The African challenge was quashed by a vote of 84 to 77 with 17 abstentions. The result is not final and the resolution may be put to a vote again in the Plenary of the General Assembly in December. Behind the substantive disagreement on the definition of LGBT rights another systemic disagreement took place, having to do with the authority of the 194-member General Assembly to review the decisions of subsidiary bodies like those of the 47 member Human Rights Council.

Europeans and Latin Americans generally view the Human Rights Council as the UN’s primary human rights forum. But many developing countries, particularly those that are small and poor, and unable to actively participate in all UN bodies and processes, insist on reviewing all decisions at the UN General Assembly.

If the resolution is put to a vote again in the Plenary of the General Assembly, the result may change. Only seven countries would need to switch their votes to kill the proposal. At least 18 states that punish sodomy either abstained or voted against the African position.

C-FAM is a member of the World Congress of Families, the coalition working with NOM and others to export anti-gay hatred to foreign counties.

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