Breitbart News Declares Plan To Expand Its Scaly Alt-Right Fascist Tentacles Into Germany And France

Fascism exported TO Europe, instead of the long-feared reverse. Reuters reports:

The right-wing Breitbart News Network is expanding its U.S. operations and launching sites in Germany and France, its U.S. editor-in-chief told Reuters, as it seeks to monetize the anger and anti-immigrant sentiment unleashed by Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign.

The planned expansion is one sign of how the right-wing media landscape is shifting in the wake of Trump’s campaign to provide a platform for the more radical views that helped fuel the Republican candidate’s shock election victory on Tuesday.

Breitbart, whose profile surged when its former head Stephen Bannon was tapped in August to become Trump’s campaign chairman, has been a close ally of the New York real-estate mogul in conservative media. A leading voice of the so-called Alt-Right movement — a loose-knit movement of white nationalists, anti-Semites and immigration foes — it regularly attacks Republican Party elites, publishes anti-immigrant themed stories and promotes political conspiracy theories.

U.S. Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow said in an interview with Reuters last week that he plans to hire more journalists in the United States and increase Breitbart’s multimedia production here, with more podcasts and videos.

Breitbart’s U.S. technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos is meeting with producers outside of Breitbart to explore launching a new television show, Marlow said. Yiannopoulos has faced criticism for comments he has made about Muslims, Black Lives Matter activists and feminists. Social media platform Twitter banned him in July for inciting harassment of the actress Leslie Jones.

Breitbart, which already has a U.K. website, has begun interviewing European journalists to staff the planned new Breitbart France and Breitbart Germany sites, Marlow said. The aim is to help elect right-wing politicians in the two European countries, where anti-immigrant sentiment has been on the rise, sources close to Bannon said.