World Net Daily Founder Joseph Farah: I Fear The Clintons Will Have Me Murdered If Hillary Wins

“I never once feared for my life because Obama was president. Let me take you back to the 1990s and tell you what it was like being a dissident, a critic, a political adversary of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Yes, you could expect to be audited. But that was just the warning shot. People like me who investigated and exposed the Clinton administration scandals could expect much, much worse. Offices were broken into, some were harassed in their homes, pets were killed, threats were made, careers were ruined and some died under mysterious circumstances.

“The Clintons got away with it all. Therefore, we can be sure it will be worse if they are allowed back into power. Expect a scorched-earth policy. I don’t see how America could survive as anything remotely reminiscent of a self-governing free society. If Hillary wins, we’re done.

“Many don’t agree. They believe America is here to stay. They have no concept of time. They don’t realize what a brief experiment in liberty our nation really represents. Let me explain how brief. My mother died this year at the age of 91. That means she was alive for more than a third of America’s history. For instance, someone born in 1924 likely knew people who were alive through the Civil War. It could have been a grandparent or a grant aunt or uncle or just a family friend.

“If that person lived to be 90 years old, he or she would have lived through the American Revolution. Three generations: That’s how long America has been around – from the founding through 2016. It’s really not that long. It’s more like the blink of an eye. This experiment in liberty is still very young by history’s standard. That’s why you should vote in his election like your life depended on it, because something even more precious does – the life of American liberty.” – World Net Daily founder and Just For Men Mustache Olympics gold medalist Joseph Farah.

RELATED: For most purposes, historians consider a “generation” to be 20 or 25 years. That would make the US roughly 10 to 12 generations old, not three.