Trump Tweets Insults As Pence Declares That Clinton Campaign Is Nothing But An “Avalanche Of Insults”

At the same time that Mike Pence was claiming that the Clinton campaign is nothing but “an avalanche of insults,” Donald Trump was retweeting the above messages, one of which tagged the account of a white supremacist. The Washington Post reports:

Before the vice-presidential debate began, we wrote it was a sure bet that one of the headlines from this debate was likely to come from the Twitter account of one Donald J. Trump. We were right. Twitter has become a place where an unfiltered Trump feels like he can tell it like it is to his 12 million followers — even if his tweets, often posted in the wee hours, deliver a message his campaign would probably rather they didn’t. But the vice presidential debate wasn’t 5:30 a.m., and Trump wasn’t necessarily unfiltered. His spokesman said there were four aides by his side as he watched the debate in Nevada.