Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon Directs Phil Robertson In Film On “Christian Persecution” [VIDEO]

Directed by Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon and produced by Citizens United. Seriously. Former Family Research Council vice president Ken Klukowski recaps the film for Breitbart:

“A human civilization’s best chance of survival is to anchor itself in the God of creation,” Christian evangelist and reality star Phil Robertson declared in Torchbearer, an epic documentary launching in select theaters on Oct. 7 as a clarion call for Christians and people of faith in America to engage their culture before it’s too late.

“In the beginning, God…” are the first words out of Robertson’s mouth in the introduction of Torchbearer, saying that this God is the creator of heaven and earth, is as relevant today as in the beginning, and sounds a prophetic call that Christians in America today may be on the edge of the precipice that leads to difficult trials, and perhaps even the same persecution that Christians have faced across the world for twenty centuries.

Thus begins a new documentary shining a spotlight on the growing anti-Christian sentiments in America that are pushing popular culture and public policy away from historical Judeo-Christian moorings, and moving rapidly in the direction of open hostility. Ultimately, Robertson explains that this is just the latest chapter in a conflict spanning two millennia, described by Augustine of Hippo as the City of Man in opposition to the City of God.