Tony Perkins Blames Obama For Rise In STDs

From a Tony Perkins press release titled U.S. Deals with Negative Side Infects of Obama:

“Chances are, Americans don’t go through their day worrying about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But considering the panic, maybe they should at least consider the growing risk to our nation. According to the most knowledgeable experts on the issue, the spread of STDs may be the biggest crisis that no one knows about. Thanks to the Obama approach, the mess of sexual liberalism is hitting home in a nation that’s spent the last eight years — not just encouraging, but funding — messages of irresponsibility.

“According to a new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report, at least three STDs are hitting record highs. In just the last two years, the cases of chlamydia have climbed six percent, gonorrhea 13 percent, but syphilis takes the prize with a 19 percent hike since 2014. “We have reached a decisive moment for this nation,” said the CDC’s Dr. Jonathan Mermin. “STD rates are rising, and many of the country’s systems for preventing STDs have eroded. We must mobilize, rebuild, and expand services — or the human and economic burden will continue to grow.”

“And the economic burden is nothing to sneeze at. Taxpayers sink more than $16 billion a year into treatments for these infections — most of them incurable, and all of them expensive. Amazingly, 15-24 year-olds, some of whom graduated from Obama’s school of sexual irresponsibility, accounted for more than 60 percent of chlamydia and half of all gonorrhea diagnoses. California lapped the competition in overall cases of STDs, forcing leaders back to the drawing board after years of throwing comprehensive sex ed at people (which the government just admitted has been a billion-dollar failure at teen pregnancy prevention). What do we expect from an administration where sex is the focus of almost every public policy? This is Obama’s legacy!”