Tony Perkins: The Cultural Bullies At The HRC Are Tricking Voters About North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

The recent polls have clearly rattled hate group leader Tony Perkins. He writes:

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is putting most of their marbles on the elections in North Carolina. HRC, assisted by a liberal and complicit media, has succeeded in deceiving a portion of the public into thinking that HB 2 is an anti-LGBTQ bill rather than what it is, a response to the city of Charlotte forcing private entities to establish gender free locker rooms, changing rooms, showers and bathrooms.

According to Politico, HRC is launching the largest “get-out-the-vote” campaign in its 35-year history. “It’s a multi-state effort that will attempt to reach beyond HRC’s 2 million members and supporters to try to turn out other like-minded voters. HRC says they view North Carolina as key, and they hope to contact more than 400,000 voters through phone calls and an online ad campaign, according to the organization. Other initial targets include Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Along with using years of its own internal data, HRC is working with Catalist, a progressive data group, to identify voters.”

North Carolina became ground zero in the debate over the gender agenda after state leaders had the courage to challenge the Left’s radical agenda that violates the privacy of citizens and threatens their security. HRC believes that if they can eliminate leaders like Gov. Pat McCrory and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, then leaders in other states will start flying white flags on issue of morality, security, and religious freedom.

No doubt it would have that effect (on some politicians) but there are men and women of conviction, like McCrory and Forest, who — despite the threats and deceptive tactics used to defeat them — are standing firm for the benefit and well-being of their citizens. If you stand firm against the cultural bullies, the people, as they do in North Carolina, can see through the media distortion.