Seth Meyers On Trump’s Terrible Week [VIDEO]

Raw Story recaps:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had a terrible week, last week. Never mind becoming a laughing stock on Saturday Night Live, his bizarre accusations in Manheim, Pennsylvania that Hillary Clinton is cheating on her husband or his Twitter rant at 3 a.m., which lacks control and temperament.

Now, it seems Trump is having his Mitt Romney 47 percent moment, revealing that the reason he might not be giving up his taxes is because he doesn’t pay any. If that’s not bad enough, we also found out that isn’t even the worst that the New York Times has.

“By the time last week ended, it had already been one of the worst weeks for any presidential candidate in history,” Seth Meyers explained, opening his “Closer Look” segment in Monday night’s show. Meyers noted that Trump had a meltdown that can only be described as what happens when you leave a Yankee Candle in the sun.