REPORT: Dems Very Likely To Take Senate Majority

The Hill reports:

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report predicted on Tuesday that the Democratic Party would see a net gain of five to seven Senate seats in next month’s election, giving them a slim majority regardless of which party takes the White House.

Cook said that Senate Republican candidates appeared to be doing well across the country, despite the unpopularity of their presidential nominee, Donald Trump, up until a 2005 video surfaced earlier this month of him making sexually explicit comments about women.

At that point, according to Cook, the GOP’s chances of keeping the Senate began to “unravel.” Before the video was released, Cook had predicted that Democrats would have a net gain of between four and six Senate seats.

“Early voting is underway in 27 states, so Republicans don’t really have much time to turn things around, and Trump won’t be any help, especially his campaign doesn’t really have a ground game to speak of,” the report reads.