Planned Parenthood Ad Hits Trump On His Own Words: There Has To Be Punishment For Women [VIDEO]

Via Politico:

If Planned Parenthood’s super PAC has its way, Donald Trump’s own words about abortion will sink him with swing women in three key battleground states next month.

Starting Monday, Planned Parenthood Votes and Priorities USA Action, the main super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, are teaming up to air a new 30-second digital spot geared at just those voters in North Carolina, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, part of a seven-figure buy.

The spot — which will run through November 8 on Facebook, Instagram, and pre-roll — opens by replaying an exchange that became a point of contention at Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate.

Accompanied by dramatic music, the video shows Trump telling Chris Matthews, “There has to be some form of punishment” for women who have abortions, while text on the screen proclaims, “When it comes to health, politicians shouldn’t make decisions for us.”