Pence: Ignore The Polls Because On Election Day The American People Will Rise Up For Trump [VIDEO]

“I think Donald Trump has made a connection to the frustrations and the aspirations of everyday Americans like no one in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan. When you see, against this avalanche, present company excepted here at Fox News, but this avalanche of negative media coverage that goes chasing after every potential, every potential negative story about Donald Trump every day, and still you see tens of thousands of people coming out and rallying, there’s a determination out there across the country to change the direction in this nation.

“And frankly more than 7 out of 10 Americans think that America is headed in the wrong direction and they know it’s going to take change. I truly do believe that come Election Day there could be a whole lot of people that are surprised in the mainstream national press about the way the American people have been willing to rise up and embrace new leadership in Donald Trump.” – Mike Pence, speaking this morning on Fox & Friends.