Notorious RBG To Make Opera Debut

The New York Daily News reports:

Here comes the judge — in an opera. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg slips out of her robe into something befitting royalty for her one-night-only performance in the Washington National Opera’s production of Donizetti’s “The Daughter of the Regiment” on Nov. 12.

The role in this 1840s opera comes as Ginsburg has been riding a wave of rock-star celebrity with millennials. Chalk it up to her fearless feuding with Donald Trump, a spunky biography called “Notorious RBG,” plus coloring books and blogs all about her. At 83, she’s more magnetic than ever.

Ask “Daughter of the Regiment” director Robert Longbottom. “We chose Ruth Bader Ginsburg because we wanted a Washington insider and a personality that would be fun to see on the Saturday night after the election,” he tells the Daily News. “Whatever the outcome… hearing from Justice Ginsburg will be a tonic.”

Ginsburg is a well-known opera buff, who’s previously been on stage as a background-filling supernumerary. “Daughter of the Regiment” marks her debut in a speaking role.

NOTE: There’s video on this news at the link, but I had to remove it because it auto-plays. Argh.