Hillary +11 In New Nationwide Poll

A different poll released yesterday showed the same margin. The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton has an 11-point lead over Donald Trump, according to a PRRI/The Atlantic poll released Tuesday. Clinton is now favored by 49 percent of likely voters and Trump is backed by 38 percent.

The poll shows Clinton increasing her lead over the Republican nominee. A poll conducted two weeks ago showed both major party’s nominees tied among likely voters at 43 percent.

A portion of the poll was conducted after the release of a 2005 tape in which Trump is heard making lewd comments about women. In the tape, the GOP nominee describes how he can grope and kiss women without their consent because of his celebrity status. The tape’s release has led to fallout among some Republicans, who say they can no longer support their party’s nominee.

The new poll finds Clinton has a commanding lead, 61 to 28 percent. over Trump among women. But Trump holds a lead among men, 48 to 37 percent. Trump also leads among white voters, 45 to 41 percent, while Clinton leads among non-white voters, 72 to 17 percent.