Eric Trump: My Dad Won’t Go To China Unless They Welcome Him With A Red Carpet And A Marching Band

Raw Story reports:

At a rally for his father and other Republican candidates in Norwalk, Ohio, Eric Trump said on Tuesday that his father will not travel to China unless they welcome him with a marching band.

“The American people have lost their voice in this country,” said the Trump scion, “but I promise you we’re going to get it back.”

“We will make America strong again, we will make America safe again,” he continued. “We’re going to restore the respect that’s owed to our country.”

“Obama goes over to China last week, you probably saw this,” said Trump. “He landed in China with Air Force One and they didn’t even bring a staircase up to Air Force One.”

“No red carpet, no marching band,” he said. “No dignitaries, no nothing. Obama had to get out through the service entrance of Air Force One.” The crowd erupted in cheers. “This is how China disrespects us,” Trump went on.

Speaking of China:

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, the nation’s largest grassroots anti-Trump organization, uncovered shipping documents that reveal Donald Trump and his family’s businesses have imported at least 1,000 boatloads of goods in the past ten years from China. The goods included shipments for the Trump Organization hotels and golf courses, for Ivanka’s clothing line including Marc Fisher shoes and also shipments to Eric Trump’s Winery which the entire family has a stake in.