LAUGHABLE: Kellyanne Conway Claims Trump Is “Incredibly Gracious” To Nasty Crooked Hillary [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday praised the way the GOP nominee has acted toward his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. “He’s incredibly gracious toward her,” Conway said Tuesday on CNN.

“But that doesn’t mean he thinks she’d make a good president of the United States. He clearly thinks she would not. We feel she has an unremarkable record in the United States Senate and a very questionable record as secretary of State.” Conway said Trump has been “complimentary” to the Democratic nominee recently.

She pointed to comments the GOP nominee made to Clinton during a dinner last week. “Last week, it was reported at the Catholic dinner it New York, the Al Smith dinner, that he said to her ‘You’re one tough competitor, one tough smart competitor,” Conway said.