CNBC Host Shouts “Brexit! Brexit!” When Evan McMullin Points Out That Trump Is Losing In The Polls [VIDEO]

Via Crooks & Liars:

CNBC invited presidential candidate Evan McMullin on air to berate him for interfering with the Red State of Utah and possibly helping Hillary Clinton in the process. In a new state poll, McMullin is actually the front-runner, and that did not sit well with Michelle Caruso-Cabrera or Joe Kernen.

Evan knew he was in for a grilling when the interview started like this, “We’re having you on, not because we think you can win the presidency, but because you are rising in the polls enough in Utah that there’s a threat that those electoral votes don’t actually go to the Republican, but go to you..”

Caruso-Cabrera then asked “What do you say to Republicans who might be watching right now saying, “Really? For all his flaws, if Utah’s electoral votes don’t go to [Trump], it’s that much harder for him to beat Hillary Clinton.” Evan responded, “He’s not going to beat Hillary Clinton unless something dramatic and incredible happens.”

That’s why he told the GOP not to nominate Trump. “He’s an absolutely terrible candidate…” It was time for Trump supporter Joe Kernen to step in stumbling and his big push back was, not making this up, “Brexit! Brexit! Brexit”