Carpool Karaoke With Lady Gaga [VIDEO]

Rolling Stone reports:

Lady Gaga hitched a ride with James Corden Tuesday in the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke, where the singer also discussed the Super Bowl, recording “Pokerface” and her massive collection of Michael Jackson-worn clothing.

Gaga, who recently received her driver’s license for the first time, then takes the wheel of the Carpool Karaoke mobile, but her inability to differentiate the gearshift from the windshield wiper lever has Corden immediately putting on a helmet as a precaution. After singing “Bad Romance” with Gaga behind the wheel, a relieved Corden retakes the driver’s seat.

Later, a conversation about fashion (and some clever editing) puts Corden in some of Gaga’s more buzz-worthy dresses, including her “Telephone” outfit made of caution tape and the singer’s infamous meat dress, which caused the Carpool Karaoke SUV to smell like bacon. “I really think you should take that off,” Gaga told Corden.