Campaign CEO Steve Bannon: Right Now Donald Trump “Really, Really” Believes He’s Going To Win This Thing

CNN Money reports:

Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon says Donald Trump is “the master of the head fake.” According to Bannon, the news that President Obama’s Trump-supporting half-brother Malik Obama is attending Wednesday’s debate is “just an appetizer.”

Trump will be bringing guests who “expose Bill and Hillary’s sordid past,” Bannon told CNN as he arrived in Las Vegas for the debate late Tuesday night. When asked who comes up with the ideas to invite these guests, Bannon said, “We’re a team.”

Bannon, a longtime conservative media executive, was the chairman of the far-right Breitbart News until August, when he took leave from Breitbart to become the CEO of the Trump campaign.

He has not granted any on the record interviews since taking the job. But he gladly answered questions while walking toward baggage claim in Vegas. Along the way, he was approached by a fellow flyer who asked for a selfie.

Bannon said Trump is in good spirits heading into the debate — despite a huge deficit in national polls. “Right now he really, really thinks he’s going to win,” Bannon said.