Trump’s World Net Daily Birther Partner Jerome Corsi Refuses To Discuss Trump’s Birther Flip-Flop [AUDIO]

HAH. Via Right Wing Watch:

When Donald Trump, after years of fueling the racist birther conspiracy theory, finally said today that President Obama was “born in the United States, period,” we wondered how Trump’s former allies in the birther movement would react. It turns out that one leading birther is just refusing to talk about it, in an apparent effort to protect Trump from further criticism on the subject.

Jerome Corsi, the WorldNetDaily “reporter” who collaborated with Trump on his birther campaign and wrote two books on the subject, called in today to conservative radio host Rusty Humphries’ program but shut down when Humphries asked him about Trump’s latest comments.

“Rusty, you know, I really don’t even want to get into it anymore,” Corsi said, “and Donald Trump, he didn’t need my help to say what he wants to say, so let Donald on his own. I mean, I support Donald Trump, I’ve been writing about it and I’m much more interested in pursuing my book, ‘Partners in Crime,’ let Donald say whatever he wants to say. I’m not weighing in.”

Back in 2011, Corsi sued Esquire Magazine for $285 million over a satirical post claiming that his birther book had been pulled from publication. The suit was immediately dismissed. Corsi, not incidentally, is a regular on the Alex Jones show where he often promotes 9/11 truther insanities.