Trump Whines Again About “Unfair” Debates [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

Donald Trump knocked the presidential debates as “a phony system,” in an interview on Fox News Monday night, adding that NBC anchor Lester Holt is a Democrat. In an interview on “The O’Reilly Factor” airing Monday night, the GOP nominee first praised Holt as a “professional” and noted his respect for the “Nightly News” anchor, before claiming that all the moderators for general election debates are affiliated with the Democratic Party.

“It’s a very unfair system,” Trump said. “I’ve worked pretty well within the system. I guess by a lot of polls I’m leading many of the polls and most of the polls.” The first presidential debate of the general election will be held next Monday at Hofstra University in Long Island, N.Y. The debate will include a focus on national security matters.

“I’m not okay with Anderson Cooper because I think he treats me very unfairly at CNN,” Trump said. “I think he’s very unfair on CNN. I think CNN – they call it the Clinton News Network, that’s why the ratings aren’t doing very well because who’s going to watch that?”