Trump Vows “Major Statement” On Birtherism [VIDEO]

Politico reports:

Donald Trump passed up yet another opportunity to say he accepts the fact that President Barack Obama was born in the United States, promising to make a “major statement” on Friday morning in front of his latest hotel project and telling CNBC’s Mario Bartiromo, “We have to keep the suspense going, OK?

But he also blamed his opponent Hillary Clinton for raising doubts about Obama’s birthplace during the 2008 campaign, despite no evidence that she did so.

“I’m going to be making a major statement on this whole thing and what Hillary did” Trump told Bartiromo. “But no, she is the one that started it and she was unable or incapable of finishing it. That’s the way it worked out. But I got him to release his birth certificate. So we will have a big statement and I hope you’re going to be watching.”

Late last night the Trump campaign responded to the furor over his Washington Post interview by releasing this lie-filled statement:

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign first raised this issue to smear then-candidate Barack Obama in her very nasty, failed 2008 campaign for President. This type of vicious and conniving behavior is straight from the Clinton Playbook. As usual, however, Hillary Clinton was too weak to get an answer. Even the MSNBC show Morning Joe admits that it was Clinton’s henchmen who first raised this issue, not Donald J. Trump.

“In 2011, Mr. Trump was finally able to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion by successfully compelling President Obama to release his birth certificate. Mr. Trump did a great service to the President and the country by bringing closure to the issue that Hillary Clinton and her team first raised. Inarguably, Donald J. Trump is a closer. Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.

“Mr. Trump is now totally focused on bringing jobs back to America, defeating radical Islamic terrorism, taking care of our veterans, introducing school choice opportunities and rebuilding and making our inner cities safe again.” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor.