Trump Sued By Trump’s USA Freedom Kids

The lawsuit was threatened back in late July, but Trump never paid up. Via the Daily Beast:

The USA Freedom Kids said in a newly filed lawsuit the Trump campaign broke verbal agreements for performances at two events and refused to pay even a $2,500 stipend for the group’s travel expenses.

“We are not able to pay the girls or cover travel,” Stephanie Scruggs, a regional field director wrote Jeff Popick, USA Freedom Kids founder and father to one of the girls in a January 5 email presented as evidence in the suit. “However we have coordinated with the event space to allow the girls to set up a table and pre-sell their album, shirts, ect if this is helpful to you.” (The Trump campaign did not return a Daily Beast request for comment.)

Popick agreed, reasoning that the group could net more than $2,500 in merchandise sales, but, the rally was “chaos,” Popick told The Daily Beast. There was no merchandise table, and it wouldn’t have mattered if there was one: security didn’t allow the girls to bring any of their merchandise into the Pensacola Bay Center. They left it outside in the parking lot, where all of it—the t-shirts, the CDs, the patriotic posters—was stolen while the girls performed their act, Popick says.

Stealing from little girls seems par for the course.