Trump Fan Slugs Protester At Rally [VIDEO]

The New York Daily News reports:

A frenzied Donald Trump supporter grabbed a protester by the neck before punching him in the face at a North Carolina campaign rally Monday evening.

The violent episode broke out in the top stands of the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville right as the Republican nominee was going off on a decrying rant about Hillary Clinton recently grouping half of his supporters into “a basket of deplorables.”

Video from the rally shows the Trump puncher talking to the protestor moments before a secret service agent begins to walk towards them. As the agent comes closer, the Trump supporter grabs the protestor by the neck and starts violently shaking him.

Other protestors standing nearby then start filming the encounter on their cellphones when the unidentified supporter suddenly punches the protestor in the face. “It’s okay, the cameras are following this guy,” Trump cooed from the stage.

The secret service agent is then joined by police officers who escort the five protestors out of the stadium — but not before the Trump puncher grabs another protestor’s hair and tries to push yet another protestor’s cellphone out of her hand.