Tony Perkins Slams Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts For Refusing To Repeal Her City’s “Ideological Terrorism”

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts started the North Carolina bathroom mess — and this week, she had a chance to end it. Unfortunately for the state, it seems the city’s top Democrat isn’t nearly as interested in getting North Carolina back on track as she and other liberals insist they are. Locked in a bitter clash with liberal elites that’s seen the state lose seven NCAA tournaments, the ACC championship, and the NBA All-Star Game, Governor Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) and the state’s Republicans offered the Left a way out of the controversy. In exchange for Charlotte dropping its forced redefinition of gender on private entities, McCrory offered to call a special session to repeal H.B. 2, the law that put these decisions that impact public facilities back in the state legislature’s hands.

The repeal-for-repeal offer was a fair and reasonable attempt at getting the state out of the political hot seat and back to the real issues facing North Carolina. But instead of accepting the deal to return the Tar Heels to the pre-March status quo, Mayor Roberts rejected it — pulling back the (shower) curtain on what many people have suspected all along: that the Left’s interest is only in furthering its own agenda. Behind a podium with the radical Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logo, Roberts made it clear that the people running Charlotte are not elected officials — but outside LGBT activist groups. House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate Leader Phil Berger could only shake their heads at Roberts’s stubbornness. “If the Charlotte City Council had not passed its ordinance in the first place, the North Carolina General Assembly would not have called itself back into session to pass H.B. 2 in response.”

They’re right. This is a crisis of Charlotte’s own making. Unlike H.B. 2, which has been completely misrepresented by the media, the city’s ordinance would have imposed these radical redefinitions of gender on private entities. This wasn’t a matter of Charlotte mandating it on government property — but forcing businesses to do the same. Now, the city has a chance to help the hurting state, and it refuses. Even the city’s Chamber of Commerce agrees with McCrory that while this may not be a perfect solution, it certainly provides a path forward. “Clearly, it will be unsatisfying to folks on both sides of this issue,” Bob Morgan, CEO of the Charlotte Chamber, admitted. If the city doesn’t let go of its genderless bathroom agenda, the city “will dig our hole deeper with the rest of the state,” he warned.

As most of the country recognizes by now, this is about a lot more than North Carolina. This is a struggle for the future of freedom, public safety, and common sense in America. In an interview with me yesterday on “Washington Watch,” Governor McCrory reminded people of the magnitude of the conflict. “It’s a sad commentary that North Carolina is a target of the HRC group and gives the impression that this is just a North Carolina battle when it’s a United States battle.” The question here is a national one: will our nation bow down to the Left’s extreme definition of human norms that we’ve used for centuries — or will it stand with leaders like Governor McCrory, who believe in privacy, liberty, and freedom from ideological terrorism?