Tony Perkins Has The NCAA Sadz

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

North Carolina hasn’t bowed to the cultural bullies yet — but that hasn’t stopped the NCAA from trying! Months after the state legislature passed H.B. 2, liberals are still trying to punish Governor Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) for listening to voters and enacting a common sense law that protects businesses from being punished by the government.

Now, the country’s leading association for college sports is hoping to make it hurt by moving seven championships out of the state — affecting everything from men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, and tennis to lacrosse, golf, and baseball. What’s worse, the announcement comes less than two months away from a pivotal election — not just in the White House, but the North Carolina governor’s mansion.

NCAA officials complained that the law isn’t inclusive. But what could be more inclusive than letting businesses and private organizations set their own policies on bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms? That’s what H.B. 2 does: respects the opinions of everyone, instead of forcing the government’s on non-conformers.

If the NCAA had been paying attention, it would realize that despite a flash of opposition from Hollywood and a handful of entertainers, North Carolina leaders like Governor McCrory and Lt. Governor Dan Forest (R) have stood firm, which has only brought more attention to the Left’s lunacy. After weathering the storm — and picking up millions of allies — North Carolina isn’t about to flinch just because a sports league beholden to the Left’s cultural bullies are packing up and leaving town.

At home, the law has been enormously popular. Despite the media’s account, absolutely nothing in North Carolina’s bill would have given businesses the right to deny services to anyone. What it did deny was the access of grown men to the showers and restrooms of young girls — an idea that 70 percent of the state thought was “unreasonable and unsafe.”

International corporations and organizations shouldn’t be dictating what North Carolina’s policy is — not when 334 local business owners support the law. There is also the hypocrisy aspect of the NCAA’s fanned outrage as they are actually taking their show on the road to China. In reality the NCAA and its president, Mark Emmert have become puppets of the “Progressive” left that believes dissenting views should be punished. Contact the association and voice your frustrations here.