Today’s Tweet From Homocon Matt Drudge

World Net Daily is thrilled:

Now Matt Drudge is getting into the act. The Internet news powerhouse tweeted an image Tuesday night spoofing the national media covering Hillary Clinton aboard her new plane, “Hill Force One” (or as some might call it, “Ill Force One”) as the Democratic presidential nominee deals with ongoing health concerns.

Showing a group of reporters with masks Photoshopped onto their faces, Drudge tweeted the message: “The Hillary Clinton press corps is soldiering on despite hazardous work conditions… .”

The image is a spoof of one widely circulated online showing media personalities including NBC’s Andrea Mitchell with smiling faces aboard Clinton’s aircraft.

The original photo prompted journalist Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars to note: “This is why the press never asks Hillary real questions. They look like enraptured tweens meeting Taylor Swift.”