TEXAS: Ex-Gay Torture Billboards Appear In Waco

This is the same lame artwork PFOX was using ten years ago. From the Dallas Morning News:

The controversial signs are sponsored by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, a nonprofit organization that, according to its website, was created “to be an alternative to the misinformed gay family groups which insist that parents can only prove their love for their gay child if they support gay rights and affirm their child’s self-proclaimed gay identity.” The point of the group, and its billboards, is to promote so-called gay conversion therapy.

In an interview, the Rev. Charley Garrison of Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church in Waco said such messages are harmful to the LGBTQ community in the area, a community his church embraces. “I was disappointed that someone would come to our community and put up something that goes against the diversity of the community,” Garrison said. “Not only does it not work, but it can actually do harm to the LGBTQ folk.”

But Dallas reparative therapist David Pickup, who also works as an adviser to the group that funded the billboards, said gay conversion therapy is tried and true. “There is no proof of harm of these efforts,” Pickup said.

Pickup, lest you have forgotten, is with the extremist group NARTH.