Ted Cruz: Boycott All National Anthem Protesters

Via Raw Story:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is on a new crusade and this time it’s against something his home state loves: Football. Monday in a Trump-style Twitter rant, Cruz advocated that fans stop purchasing NFL merchandise from athletes who are protesting the national anthem at games. Cruz’s campaign news comes a week after it was announced Colin Kaepernick’s jersey skyrocketed from 20th place to No. 1 in sales.

Many players over the weekend joined in the protest Kaepernick began just weeks ago. Some took a knee during the singing and others stood but raised a fist reminiscent of the 1968 Olympic medalists. Most were professional athletes, but one high school football player kneeled and was suspended by his coaches and principal for one game. That suspension has now been lifted after publicity and backlash.