Sheldon Adelson’s Super PAC Hits Hillary Over Debate Comments: What About Iran And Benghazi? [VIDEO]

All of Teabagistan is pissed that Benghazi never came up last night, so of course Sheldon Adelson rushes out this ad. The Hill reports:

A new ad from a Republican super PAC uses Hillary Clinton’s remarks in the first presidential debate to hit her record as secretary of State. “Hillary Clinton brags about her experience,” the spot’s narrator says, referencing Clinton’s boast she visited “112 countries” while at State.

“But beyond the flight miles, what’s the Clinton record?” she asks in the clip released Tuesday by Future 45 PAC. “Chaos in Libya and Syria. The rise of [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria].

“A failed reset with Russia. Supporting the nuclear deal with Iran. A terrorist attack in Benghazi, [Libya]. Four Americans dead.” The commercial then shows Donald Trump hammering Clinton’s tenure at State during their contest late Monday. “Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience,” the GOP’s presidential nominee says of his Democratic rival.