Scott Walker To Play Tim Kaine In VP Debate Prep

Politico reports:

In Mike Pence’s prep sessions for the vice-presidential debate, the role of Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) is being played by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a top GOP source told POLITICO on Saturday.

The first mock debate has already been held. Walker, who ended his GOP primary campaign in September, was chosen because he has been in presidential debates before, and because Kaine was Virginia governor.

Pence’s debate prep is being led by Marc Short, Nick Ayers and Josh Pitock — the same team that worked with him on his convention speech. Pence has relied on the same tight group since the vetting process began — one reason his operation has received high marks.

And on the Democratic side:

He’s traded in his role as a wild-haired Jewish Socialist from Vermont for a buttoned-up evangelical Christian from Indiana. Washington super lawyer Robert Barnett, who played Sen. Bernie Sanders in mock debate sessions opposite Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary, has stepped in to play the role of Mike Pence opposite Tim Kaine ahead of the sole vice presidential debate on October 4, POLITICO has learned.

Barnett, a staple of Hillary Clinton’s debate prep team for decades and her longtime book agent, is also still involved with her prep team, which is being overseen by attorney and former Clinton adviser Karen Dunn; Ron Klain, who is Joe Biden’s former chief of staff; and Clinton’s senior policy aide Jake Sullivan.