Russians Suspected In DDoS Attack On Newsweek Following Their Exposure Of Trump’s Dealings In Cuba

Their site was unreachable for hours. Talking Points Memo reports:

The editor-in-chief of Newsweek confirmed Friday that the magazine’s website was on the receiving end of a denial-of-service attack Thursday night, following the publication of a story accusing one of Donald Trump’s companies of violating the Cuban trade embargo. Editor-In-Chief Jim Impoco noted that the attack came as the story earned national attention.

Later Friday afternoon, Impoco emailed TPM that in an initial investigation, the “main” IP addresses linked to the attack were found to be Russian. It should be noted that it is possible to fake an IP address. “As with any DDoS attack, there are lots of IP addresses, but the main ones are Russian, though that in itself does not prove anything,” he wrote. “We are still investigating.”