Rudy Giuliani: Hillary Clinton Is A Criminal

Via press release from the Trump campaign:

The notes released from Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview make it abundantly clear that she was not only extremely careless in her handling of top secret and confidential government information, but acted intentionally and with criminal intent. The strongest evidence of criminal intent is destruction of possibly relevant information and making false exculpatory statements whether they are under oath or not.

This is the evidence prosecutors traditionally rely on to prove criminal intent since it is never possible to look into a person’s mind and determine what they are thinking. Their actions prove their intent. The FBI notes make it clear that Hillary Clinton repeatedly stated that her use of a private email and server was approved by the State Department. Her statement to the FBI during the interview over Memorial Day weekend demonstrated that she was lying.

She told the FBI she never “explicitly requested permission to use a private server or email address.” This contradiction of her prior statements is classic textbook admissible evidence from which any judge or jury can conclude she acted with criminal intent.